My name is Benjamin Warmton and I am the chief editor of The Police Critique, formerly known as PoliceCrimeCommissioner.co.uk Chronicles.

Our mission is to bring you the latest opinions we have on the UK’s flawed security and legal system.

We want to help you stay informed of our security issues regarding the misuse and abuses of power of our police bureaus, security leaders and even our own internet securities.

In an era of organised security systems and safeguards, loopholes still exist. Some of these loopholes have been used to eliminate opposition or just hapless individuals who have no idea the law was against them and not with them.

Our blog is maintained by some of the UK’s finest observers of city and social securities. We maintain their accounts and their observations as they have told it.

This is our reality. No country or nation is safe. Stay vigilant and stay secured through your own selves in your own homes. Write to us about your experiences as we raise awareness about your Police Critiques.