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3 tips on how to secure your house during upcoming holidays

Christmas and New Year eve is coming. Many of us will spend it in a family circle. In many cases, some of us will have to return to our parents’ house, others will go on holidays. In both situations, there is one thing in a common, a place where we are living, our house or our apartment will be empty for some time. During the time while we are away from home, the only thing that would help us not to get paranoid about possible home invade is preparation. We have to prepare our self’s and our living place. Nothing should be left to the chance.

Upgrade level of security

Before you go away, you should call locksmith service and ask for checkout of your locks. In the times as ours, you should consider to, every few years, update and upgrade your locks. It is, after all, time in which high-tech technology is changing rapidly fast, and you wouldn’t want to stay in disadvantage, especially when it comes about of your security. In order to protect your belongings, you should be fully upgraded with your locks and security systems.  If you think that your locks are a little bit rusty, it is right time to change them.

Good advice would be to lock every door, every possible entrance, window etc. But, will that be enough? Maybe you should consider some motion sensors, for example. Advantages, such as, possibility to turn on light in case of a detection of any motion, would definitely have a certain impact. But, motion sensors are best in use when comes with an installation of a comprehensive security system which comes in the same package with smart high tech locks, an alarm which is connected with the police department. This would be a huge and almost insurmountable obstacle for burglars.

But if you want to improve your chances without prior advises, you should check out a few more ideas.

Social media awareness

How many times did you see on your Facebook account some friend of yours bragging about his holiday destination? Or saw a post in which with lots of excitement someone is presenting his future holiday destination. Well, as you may know, it could be possible that burglars also do preparation. Thanks to social media, the choice where to invade, became easier than ever. So, be smarter, don’t do this. Write posts about it and share your photos and videos after you return!

Use set timers

You remember how your mother always left lights on in the living room, while going somewhere in the neighborhood, just in case. Well… This is actually a quite good idea. All you have to do is to buy set timers. By using set timers you create an effect in which no one from outside of your house could conclude that your house is empty. Light in your house will turn on and off just like someone is present.

DIY For Bookworms – How To Craft A Bookshelf

This is the one DIY that can be suitable for those who are still not as experienced in DIY projects, as well as those who are experienced in DIY projects. If you want to learn how to craft a bookshelf, this is the article that you would want to read through and through we you will be able to read all the steps to how to craft a bookshelf and perhaps even offer you some ideas for your future DIY projects as well.

Why You Need A Bookshelf In Your Home

A bookshelf is an amazing thing to have in your home, and a place that you can use for showing off and placing your books. The books seem to be redundant in this day and age, when everything can easily be stored in your computers as well, but it is there to make your home a lot more appealing on the eye and store the books that you already have. Having said that, there are still people there who are a lot fonder of books that are actual objects, than the digital books and that is okay as well. Even if you choose to create a bookshelf just to store some decorative objects it is still a DIY project that is well-worth undertaking.

The First Step – Taking The Measures

As with all DIY projects, the most important step is to take the right measures. This way you will make sure that the DIY bookshelf will fit right in with your home and your room. So, first make sure to determine the measure that would be appropriate for your home and the place where you would like this bookshelf to stand. Make sure that you first choose the place for the bookshelf and find the place where it will fit well in with your home and where it will be able to embellish your home and functionality.

The Second Step – Choosing Types of Materials

If you want to choose the right materials make sure that you visit where you will be able to read more about what types of materials you can use in this project. Whether you would find wood more appropriate or metal, or even plastic, it is completely down to you and your individual preferences. In order to create a DIY shelf that resonates well with you, you will have to think carefully of what you want.

The Third Step – Crafting a Bookshelf

Once you have the right measurements, all the necessary materials and all the necessary tools, you can proceed with creating the bookshelf of your dreams. This is perhaps the final step, but just as necessary. However, this step will be determined by the design of your bookshelf, the measures and the materials that you are using.

How to handle post-renovation cleaning challenges

The team of technicians you had hired to renovate your home is finally gone leaving rather a good result behind. You are thrilled to enjoy your essentially refreshed residence, but however skilled and professional technicians were, they have inevitably left a lot of dirt and mess that will spoil your enjoyment until you conduct meticulous post-renovation cleaning. Since renovation and reconstruction processes leave dust and dirt in every crack within your house, casual cleaning methods won’t suffice.

The best and the most comfortable option is to hire a house cleaning Dublin company. Professionals are trained enough not to miss many possible dirty spots you probably would and also equipped adequately to complete the task timely, efficiently and safely. Here are just some of the main tasks most house cleaning Dublin companies will provide.

Deep layer vacuuming

cleaning of the deepest layers of your carpets and upholstery.Using specially designed systems combining hot water under pressure, cleaning solutions and a powerful vacuum mechanism, professional companies provide intensive cleaning of the deepest layers of your carpets and upholstery. There is, also, a dry-cleaning method suitable for other soft surfaces that need deep cleaning but could be damaged by hot water application. This vacuuming system provides not only thorough sanitation and elimination of the smallest dirt and dust particles, but also the extinction of bacteria, fungi and allergens. Finally, if you handle deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery to the pros, it won’t take days for items to dry.

Clear the air within your home

Aside literally aerating all your premises for long enough to create air flow and eliminate tiny dust particles floating around, one of the most important cleaning tasks that has to be done is cleaning of air vents and filter replacement. There’s no way to prevent dust and dirt from mingling into aeration systems and pipes and it takes a skilled approach to clean them properly without damaging. If cleaning isn’t done properly, you will activate the aeration system and disperse dust over your freshly renovated premises. After meticulous cleaning, it is recommended to replace the existing air filter for new ones.

Kitchen, bathroom and hard surfaces

Renovation of these two premises essential to every home usually creates particularly challenging to clean the mess. The cleaning process includes much more than simple mopping of floors since all the appliances and items have to be thoroughly cleaned and some stains are hard to remove. Professional cleaners know the tricks, but also apply powerful abrasive solutions, suitable for these tasks. Aside accumulated dust and dirt, technicians will remove moisture stains, mold, scum, grout, even unpleasant odors.

The trick is in details

To make your home sparkle clean, experts never miss cleaning even the small elements and delicate items. These things, when polished, complete the impression of residence being perfectly cleaned. The list includes light fixtures and lamps, electronics, small appliances all the decorative items, especially glass objects. It goes without saying that all the windows and mirrors in the house are previously washed and polished to let the daylight enhance the beauty of your newly renovated and perfectly clean home.

After Isolation, Heating System

The choice of heating system depends on the type of energy source used for heating. Heating costs in the coldest winter months represent up to 75% of energy costs. When choosing a boiler, it is necessary to choose one that has the highest degree of utilization. The most efficient is the condensing boiler. By installing condensing boilers, users can save 10 to 15% compared to other new boilers and up to 25% for boilers older than 30 years.

Commercial Ductless Heating and Cooling

System features that increase boiler efficiency are electronic ignition that eliminates the need for flame maintenance while there is no need for greasing. The heating systems can be divided according to the energy source, the heating mode and the construction of the fireclay.

 Distribution of energy sources used:

– Gas

– on heating oil

– power

– on solid fuels

– solar

– to heat from the environment

Splitting by heating mode:

– local or individual

– central

Allocation to the manufacture of firecrackers:

– direct (fireplaces, ovens, heaters, sprinklers …)

– Radiators (hot, steam, electric, etc.)

– surface (floor, wall, and ceiling)

Factors influencing the choice of heating system are weather conditions (geographic location), location and type of building, time of use of the building, availability of energy sources, investment costs, laws, regulations, norms, recommendations, impact on the oak.

Air conditioning and ventilation

Attention should be directed to air-conditioning units that are highly energy efficient, having as much coefficient of performance (COP) as possible. The COP shows how much 1kW of consumed electricity provides heat and cooling energy. It is well known that air conditioners must have a good filtering system to remove even the smallest particles, bacteria, and unpleasant odors from the air. Accelerated lifestyles, stress and noise require that the space in which you live is quiet and isolated from the noise.


Just new air conditioners create a lower noise, and some models are almost silent for the human ear and produce a noise of just 20dB. Today’s climate devices apart from their basic functions should be fit for their appearance in the space they are installed. The new systems are modernly designed and, besides the classic wall units, there are also available parapet units, console, cassette units installed in buildings depending on the air conditioning system used.

Thermal Insulation, The Best Way To Improve Your Home

Heat losses through the floor make up 10% of the total heat losses of the home. 60% can reduce Heat-loss through the floor by placing thermal insulation. If the temperature difference between the heated and the moderately heated space is low, i.e. less than 4-5 ° C, it is almost impossible to set the thermal insulation. Only significantly cooler rooms are insulated.

Thermal insulation of the facade wall

If you want to reduce your heating costs by up to 75% of your energy costs, you need to set or increase the thickness of the thermal insulation as well as replace the windows. It is particularly true of family houses without façades and those residential buildings that are built without thermal insulation. Thermo isolation not only reduces losses during the winter period but also allows the house to fail during the flight.

Thermal insulation of the facade wall

When renovating a house, one must first isolate the house first. In this case, the boiler and radiators will have a lower capacity, which will reduce the initial heating investment. When adapting the façade, it is imperative to incorporate thermal insulation. Additional costs for thermal insulation represent 20-40% of the total adaptation cost of the façade. By placing the thermal insulation on the outside of the façade, the problem of steam condensation (from scratching, showering, drying of clothing) occurs due to the low wall temperature and thus the formation of the bucket. It also increases heat comfort in space due to increased wall temperature. Thermal insulation protects the building from harmful external influences and their consequences (moisture, freezing, overheating), thus extending its lifespan.

Thermal insulation of the roof

Heat losses through the roof can be up to 30%. Depending on whether the attic is used for housing or not, it is necessary to isolate the roof over a neglected attic. The roof is to be insulated with 20 cm of thermal insulation. Depending on the structure of the house, its condition, the investment returns for 3-5 years. Thermal insulation of the roof ensures pleasant microclimate conditions of the room, thus significantly reducing the consumption of energy for heating and cooling. It is placed between and below the beam.

Thermal insulation of the roof

The filling layer is very important because badly ventilated roofs can be damaged in the winter due to condensation of water vapor and freezing. It is also desirable to have an additional waterproofing, awning or a rain dam.

Isolation On The House? You Can Do It Yourself

The wintering of your home in the winter months takes part in total energy consumption from unbelievable 50-70%. Approximately 20% of it is used to heat water in boilers and washer machines. That’s why the first and biggest measure of savings in each home is the planned use of these devices during the cold months. Most houses and apartments in our country are built with insufficient heat insulation. The biggest culprits for this are the lack of respect and control of standards in the building, as well as the obsolescence of these standards and of the thermal insulation itself (in the old construction).


It should be borne in mind that insulation materials such as glass wool, synthetic material panels, and especially natural insulating materials (such as canes) will eventually lose their isolation characteristics due to the effects of time and humidity, so that if your home ever meets the standards thermal conductivity, now certainly works “with loss”. Since even in Serbia and Montenegro is the basic physical law of energy conservation, it means that some of that energy shortage needs to be compensated, and that is what you do, from your wallet.

How to isolate your house?

In addition to the basic role of insulation materials – to prevent heat transfer to the outside environment, they also perform other, no less important functions such as noise isolation (yes, novelists, such a thing really exists!) And a physical barrier to spreading unfavorable atmospheric influences such as are moisture, glass, or heat in the hottest days. There is no room where isolation cannot be improved. Most often, you can do this job yourself (unless your home is not overstated, as in many Belgrade settlements), saving you a lot of money for other needs.


The amount of energy you will save depends on a number of factors: from the state of affection, the strength of the upcoming winter, the shape and construction of your house or building, the habits of your households, the efficiency of the heating system, etc. If you go into the project of improvement of insulation, make sure to keep your accounts for electricity from last winter and to consider how many kilowatts you save on the past.

Quick Advice To Paint The Apartment By Yourself

You want to turn your flat away, and you do not know what color to choose. Do you also think about fitting different colors? Are there any special rules when color matching is an issue? What’s Better – Decide for One or a Multiple Color Combination?

What do you need to know when choosing a color?

The color palette is cold and warm. Under warm, we mean yellow, orange and red and under cold blue, green and purple. Depending on the component that prevails in each of these colors, they can tilt to cooler or warmer. In addition to the basic colors, we have in white, beige, black, brown, golden, silver, side.

What should you pay attention to when choosing colors, and how are some of the colors in the interior?

The red color is best used only in traces as a detail, e.g. to break down the shades of gray or black. For the orange color, many experts say it is desirable in workrooms or children’s rooms.

If you apply color in high gloss, it will completely change the character. The same thing will happen with colors that are sparkling – totally matte. If you like the shades of metallic colors, use it solely in the form of some effects. If you like glass and modern chandeliers, you will be able to fit nicely shades and even shingles. To supplement any color combination can help you plant plants as part of an interior.


Before you start gravitating, you should remove all of the furniture from the furniture or put it in the middle of the room and cover it well (take nylon or old ladybird). The floors should also be protected. Prepare the walls completely by slamming all of them and possibly removing the spider if it has it. Hinges or covers should be removed or protected by tape. After finishing the slicing, it takes some time for the walls and ceilings to dry well. Everything needs to be cleaned, put everything back in its place and finally enjoy the fresh and clean room.

Master Brian Counselor

The Internet has become such that you can all come up with it. From needle to the locomotive. So you can come to Mister Brian Greenslade, who helps you with advice on improving your home. Brian is a longtime master who has dealt primarily with the isolation of houses, both in the exterior and interior. One of the best and cheapest masters. As time went by, he decided to expand his work and adds the finishing and changing of parquet to the insulation. Of course, he was not alone, and he hired his assistants, and a small company that had a good reputation was born.

How did he start?

With the development of the Internet and the information available on it, Brian slowly lost his clients but did not give up. Realizing that everything is on the Internet, he decided to start a new round of work, and that is to do the advice.

Any person who wants to improve the house itself addresses Brian first with questions about the material to be used and seeking his professional opinion. So Brian slowly but surely became one of the region’s best-known advisers in the area of home improvement.

He also started writing about it, and the tips used the internet and received feedback, so he opened his website so that people could easily contact you. It is not easy to have so much information in the head, but Brajan starts to handle because he likes to do it.


Interestingly, not only ordinary people are looking for advice, but also people who are dealing with the job. Brian is pleased to help his colleagues not only because of them but for clients who have asked for their services. Likewise, they return to service by directing people who need advice directly to him.

Today, whoever needs it, can contact Brian and expect the best advice that will certainly not hurt you.

The Murder Workers: view from the inside

The emotions of being at the side of the family of a murdered loved one will be laid bare this evening in a powerful documentary following the work of three Victim Support homicide workers.

The Channel 4 film, which will air at 9pm on Thursday 16 May, will offer a sobering view of the trauma faced by those bereaved in the wake of the death of a close relative – including children as young as five.

Specially trained workers Alli Mundy, David Osbourne and Carol Geere and the families they support are the focus of the 71-minute film, which explores the turmoil of bereavement in the most horrific of events.

Javed Khan, Chief Executive of Victim Support said: “This is one of the most compelling films I have seen. It offers real insight into the trauma suffered by young and old alike, who have become victims of one of the most horrific of crimes. The dedicated care, help and practical support the homicide team provides each family is remarkable.

Read more

DIY – How to install a Beadboard

To successfully installed a beadboard, carefully follow this step by step DIY approach. Its installation is easy and it makes the wall look great.

Materials and Tools:

  • Saw
  • Nailer and nails
  • Drill
  • Wood glue
  • Crowbar
  • Baseboard molding
  • Router
  • Laser level
  • Wainscoting
  • Standard level


  • Measure and draw a layout of the room to be covered.
  • Mark the measurements on the walls.
  • Purchase molding that will be enough for the measurements of the room.
  • Setting a laser level, measure from your desired height of the beadboard down to where it will fit. All these measurements should be based on the height of the wainscoting board.
  • To know where your chair rail will sit, mark the point on the wall.
  • Take off the old baseboard. In the case where you still want to use your old baseboard, using a utility knife, score the top of it. This separates the paint from the wall and prevents it from peeling off the baseboard.
  • To pull the baseboard off the wall, use a crowbar.
  • Cut the wainscoting to fill the room and cut the panels to 45 degrees where ever the panel meets a straight portion of the wall.
  • Using a wood glue apply glue to the back of each panel. On the backside of the baseboard, slide the wainscoting on it.
  • To make sure the wainscoting is placed straight and leveled, horizontally and vertically place the standard level against the first piece of work.
  • When it is well placed, nail wainscoting to the wall if necessary.
  • Continue with the other panels until the wainscoting is well placed.
  • Mark the wainscoting and cut out holes for any cable outlets, electrical outlets or phone jack.
  • Using a drill and jigsaw drill and cut the marked area.
  • Nails and glue to fasten the chair rail molding over the wainscoting.
  • Nail and glue base molding to the wall if you are installing one for the first time.
  • Make sure the baseboard has scarf joints to hide the seams of the baseboard.