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How To Increase The Efficiency Of Home Improvement Projects?

Whether you have bought a huge real estate, a small weekend house or an apartment, it is very likely that you will work on the house/flat from time to time since you will want to improve some things. The search for the cellular shade top down bottom up and HOA suggestions point out that the interior design is equally important as the outside look is.

But, sometimes we do not need to work on certain things simply because we cannot achieve the efficiency in these projects. So, how to achieve efficiency in home improvement projects?

Go with projects that add the most value to the home

One of the first things that HOA will suggest, as well as any other experienced contractor or homeowner, is to avoid projects that will not increase your home’s value significantly. Instead, work on the projects that give you benefits but also that increase the estate’s price.

Working On House Efficiency

Worker Increase The House Efficiency

You may want to sell your house at some point in time, so why would you work on some less important things that do not bring more value? This is the key point that every homeowner should go with!

Work on projects that can be finished quickly

Another golden rule is to start those projects that can be done quickly first. As you know, the complete roof reparation is a huge project that must be planned well and it takes a lot of time. If the weather is not on your side and your roof can wait a month or two, then do not work on the roof but move to other projects that can be completed earlier.

Therefore, timely planning is crucial and make sure to prioritize the quick projects and work on them initially before moving to the larger ones that require more time, effort and money.

DIY whenever you can

If you have to pay for every single project or repair in your house, you will need a huge salary that can withstand all the expenses. Analyze the project to see if you can do it on your own. If you need to change the doors, you could ask for the help of a friend of yours or your neighbor.

Improving Home Interior

Working On New Home Interior

Or, if you need to change the kitchen faucet, you may see many online tutorials and refer to them so you could change the faucet without hiring an expensive plumber. Save wherever you can, unless you have an enormous salary that you cannot spend!

Educate yourself about the home improvements

If you have enough free time after work, the best thing you can do is to learn new skills and expand your knowledge. In this way, you can work on more complex projects more efficiently. There are a lot of online resources that you can check to get the detailed tutorials and how-to-instructions for certain projects. Additionally, you can subscribe to some home improvement magazines that share interesting and useful ideas. Eventually, you will create your small workshop where you will try to find ways to increase the efficiency of your work!

A Roof Damage Made By Storm – What To Do?

If you live in the area where strong winds blow, you might face the problem with your roofing. A tornado, thunderstorm or hailstorm can tear apart your roof in a few seconds and there is nothing you can do about it.

If you have had experience with the storm and you are suspecting that there are some problems with the roof, you might want to call guys from to perform the thorough inspection. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do on your own.

Look for a damage

The first thing you should do is to look for damage of the roof. First of all, go to the attic to see the situation there. If you notice any leaks or stains on the ceiling, you will need to repair it. Also, before you go there, you can walk around the house to see if there are any tiles or shingles on the ground, as well as to check the roof visually from the ground and look for the missing tiles.

Roof After Storm

Storm Destroy A Roof

In the case when a tree hits the roof, make sure to evacuate your family to a safe location until the professionals arrive to inspect everything. Whatever you do, just make sure you do not check it while the storm is on.

Notify your insurance agent

As your home has insurance, you would want to notify your agent about the problem. The experienced agent will arrive to inspect the damage and make an initial assessment of the damage so you could know what you need to repair.

Make sure to have all receipts from anything that you were doing on your house – from window replacement to creating the porch. Anything you have might come in handy when you fill the form for the insurance agency.

Make sure to contact a good roofing company

Another thing you can do is to contact the right roofing company that will work on your roof. There are so many companies that it might be confusing to you to find the right one. For this reason, ask your friends to give you a recommendation on the best companies that could fix your problem.

After Storm Roof Need Repairing

Storm Damaged Roof

When hiring a good roofing company, they will make a realistic assessment and will not rip you off, but will rather offer the optimal solution for your problem.

Consider the repair of wood under the shingle/roof

It is very likely that the storm will damage your wood under the shingles and you will have to repair these sooner or later. When you contact the roofing company, make sure to explain to them that you would need also this repair, so they could have it in mind.

While they organize the material for roof, they can send out the crew that will work on these woods and everything will be performed in time. Therefore, you will repair one thing until the second one is prepared and you will finish everything before the next storm!

Choose The Right Style Of Your Windows With These Tips

One of the hardest parts of the home building is choosing the right windows for your house. The wandsworth sash windows reported that more than 50% of the customers do not even know where to start from, as the choosing involves the analysis of few things prior to choosing.

The importance of the right window mirrors in an appearance and energy efficiency, which can be crucial for your property, especially if you decide to sell it. We have prepared a small guide that will help you to understand better the process of choosing.

Define the function

First of all, define the function of your windows. Will you open your them often or these will serve for the beautiful view on your garden? Are these going to be placed in the kitchen, living or bedroom? How big do you want your windows to be?

New Window Frame

New Style Window For Home

This helps you to determine whether you need sliding, casement or double-hung. Many people do not consider this but rather reach for the appearance and neglect the functionality of these. Therefore, it often happens that people, after some time, decide to change the windows and suffer the additional costs they need to pay.

Consider the size

Another thing you need to consider is the size. Make a plan of where you want to have more light, less light and where you need to have a small opening. This will greatly save you money as it will decrease the unnecessary costs.

You certainly do not need the same size of the window in your kitchen and in the bathroom, as it is the different functionality of these rooms. Many people tend to neglect this and they end up later with paying additional money to resize their windows. The careful planning saves you time, effort and money!

Decide the material prior to the selection

This involves a lot of deeper analysis than for the previous tip. It would help if you considered the climate where you live. If you live in a place where a lot of raining takes place during the year, you might want to consider some artificial material to provide more durability.

Beautiful Frame Window For Improvement

Choose New Frame Style

If you looking for something that is easy to maintain, the vinyl would be a good choice. However, this material is not that appealing as the wood. It all depends on what you want and which is the best choice for you, depending on the area where you live.

Choose the colors appropriately

Before you even choose, consider the color that would fit well with the rest of the house. One thing that many people forget is the color of your windows should match the color of the doors, as it would look weird if they differ.

Alternatively, there can be a slight variation in colors to achieve a bit of the contrast, but totally different colors will make your home look funny. Also, it is a good way to match the color of your walls with the colors of windows and doors.

The Three Best Materials For Thermal Insulation

The thermal insulation is one of the most important factors for achieving a high level of energy efficiency and the installation of these materials became the standard part of the house building process. Any builder or any professional house building agency would stress the importance of energy efficiency and that the thermal insulation should be included in the process of building your house, especially if we want to keep our electricity and heating bills at the minimum.

Different materials show fantastic results in keeping your house warm and for this time, we have prepared the best three ones that you should use.


Among all materials, fiberglass is the one with the best characteristics when it comes to making your house warm. Due to its structure that is characterized by the micro strands of glass, fiberglass showed the best results when it comes to the thermal insulation.

New Insulation

New Insulation For The Roof

These micro-glass strands are mixed with woven silicon, glass powder and really small pieces of glass to create the medium that effectively fights the cold during the winter and heat during the summer. However, the improper preparation and installation of this material may lead to serious lung injuries, eye irritation and skin damage.

However, if installed properly, the material is resistant to the flame and offers R values from 2.9 to 3.8 per inch, and makes your home much more energy-efficient.

Mineral wool

Although mineral wool actually encompasses more materials (glass, rock, mineral and slag wool), the most used type of this material for thermal insulation is the mineral wool. It consists of the molten glass, stone, or industrial waste that is structured in the form of the fibers, similar to the fiberglass.

However, the mineral wool is flammable, though the rock, glass and slag types are not due to the additional extracts that are added into the final structure. Still, the mineral wool can provide fantastic results when it comes to achieving the optimal energy efficiency and it is widely used as an insulation material. Especially in the areas where the fire is not present!

Polyurethane foam

This is a spray-like foam that uses non-chlorofluorocarbon gas as the main ingredient, which allows this material to be applied in the gas-like state. Being lightweight, the material is perfect for handling and on top of all, it will not burn, even at the high temperatures, but rather melt.

Home Insulation

New Home Insulation For Home

Unlike fiberglass, this foam is much cheaper but has lower R-value of only 3.6. Polyurethane foam can be used in the areas where no insulation exists at all and that is why it has been used widely as the replacing material for the fiberglass, which is the best thermal insulator.

What should you use?

This is a question of personal preferences. If you want to use the fiberglass, have in mind that is great, but requires extreme caution when working with it, as it can damage your health permanently.

On the other hand, the mineral wool and polyurethane foam are bit cheaper but do not offer resistance to fire, as well as a high level of eco-friendly rating. Choose what you can afford, just make sure to handle the materials safely and properly.

The Best Types Of Fences For Your Garden

A fence is a powerful addition for your garden that makes it more compact and it adds a lot of privacy to your garden. Today, you can choose many styles and materials – from metal and wooden to PVC and plastic ones. If you want to buy plastic fencing, make sure you buy from the licensed companies that are specialized in the fencing solutions as you want to buy the one that is free of toxic chemicals. As many people are not sure what type to buy, we decided to offer a little bit of help, by presenting the best types that can make your garden look more personal and private.

The garden/iron fence

This type is often seen in the backyards, as the additional way of protection. Besides it is easy to install, it is also sturdy due to the iron material, providing great protection against the unwanted guests.

Iron Garden Fence

The garden/iron fence

Although not very aesthetic, this is one of the best fences to place in your vegetable garden or even in front of your home. The price varies from the suppliers and shops but it is generally not too high considering the quality you get.

A modern type of fence

If you are a fan of contemporary style and the geometric shapes, you can create a real oasis or even futuristic park out of your garden. The biggest advantage of this garden is that they look really cool while the biggest setback is that these are usually hollow and open.

In addition, you can add the garden beds to make everything more stylish. This type is not aimed for garden protection, as the animals can easily come through and make a mess in your garden.

Tall wooden fence

The tall fence made out of wood, painted in the appropriate color, can provide the luxurious look and high level of privacy. At the same time, these are practical, easy to install and effective against all kinds of protection from unwanted pets and animals.


Tall wooden fence

They are especially cool if you add the custom-shaped panels, a bit of plants as a decoration and a few sunbeds. A lot of people tend to paint these in the black color, but you can also think of the white variation with the beige borders and edges. Still, make sure these are fitting with the color of your home.

DIY type

In case you are one of those people that likes to make his own fence, you can use various materials. For example, pallets are the fantastic choice to make a DIY fence that is effective, stylish and appealing.

Of course, you would need some skill and several tools, but it is not that hard if you know what you are doing and what you want. You can add cuts, other parts of pallets and wood to make these more sophisticated. Of course, these are not meant to be in front of your house but will fit perfectly in the backyard or veggie garden.

What Do You Need To Know About Bathroom Painting?

Whenever we work on something, we want to know all that is important for a particular job, as well as tips and tricks that can make our lives easier. Whether you want to look for Plant hire services in Yorkshire, or simple painting of your bathroom, you need to inform yourself well in advance. When it comes to bathroom painting, there is a couple of things you need to pay attention to. This article will explain and clarify everything you need to know about the bathroom painting.

Choose your wall colors carefully for a good reflection

This is not just a matter of aesthetics and design, but also a reflection. Do you think the creamy and white colors are often the best option for nothing? No, of course, it is because the neutral color variations give a good reflection from your bathroom mirrors.


Bathroom Painting Like a Pro

For example, a green color could give an unnatural radiance, especially when combined with the artificial lights. You want to avoid this at all costs, as the subtle colors give the clear reflection, without changing the complexion in the mirror. That is the reason why painters always recommend a gray, creamy or a simple white color for your walls in the bathroom.

Go with the paint that has anti-mold characteristics

The bathroom will often be splashed with water for any reason, and this could lead to the appearance of mold if you do not dry the walls out. However, it is much easier to choose a color that has mold-resistance to prevent possible problems.

The anti-microbial additions in the color will ensure that no mold grows on your wet walls, as the mold can be dangerous to our health.

Those paints are a bit expensive but they are worth every penny you invest. If you have proper ventilation inside the bathroom and mold-resistance paint, there is no need to fear of mold, no matter what you do inside the bathroom. Just don’t soak it with water!

Paint must be peeling-free

Moisture, as we said in the above paragraph, can be a huge problem, especially for walls and paint. During the shower, the steam will accumulate and form a moisturized layer that can damage your paint and walls. Try to find the paint that prevents peeling due to moisture and steam in the bathroom.

Paint must be peeling-free

Modern bathroom interior

Or you can even apply the additional coat of peeling-free substance over the wall paint to make sure you are safe from the peeling. Not only it looks bad, but peeling can also damage the walls permanently.

Prepare your walls

Before you paint, apply the second layer of protection or do anything with your walls in the bathroom, make sure you clean them well. This means that you need to “strip away” any existing mold, peeling parts and water before you start any work. Also, try to paint from the corner to the center of your wall to get the nice and smooth coat of paint that will look glossy and nice. Also, if your walls are painted freshly, try to avoid the hot shower for a couple of days, just to give your walls enough time to dry. The proper ventilation helps and fastens the drying process, so make sure you have good air circulation.

Colors for water dispersion

Colors for dispersion of water for painting various surfaces are becoming more and more popular. They are used not only indoors, but also for outdoor work. Color is distinguished by its environmentally friendly composition, cost-effectiveness and high capability, which contributes to the expansion of the application area.

Water dispersion paint is a multicomponent mix for the coating of surfaces of various materials. The characteristic feature of such colors is that water serves as a dyeing agent.

Correct usage and advantages

This color is sold in the form of a paste of different consistency. To obtain a coloring agent, add clean cold water in the amount necessary for drawing on the painted surface with a roller, brush or spray gun. As it dries, the added water evaporates from the surface, which leads to the formation of a stable protective film.

Advantages include the following: no strong chemical odor, environmentally friendly composition; resistant to fire, vapor permeability of painted walls and facades, durability and abrasion resistance, the life span of the colored coating is from 5 to 15 years, and high adhesion during coloring. Colors are in an affordable price range, moisture-resistant brands provide a high-quality protective coating against water, and there is a large color range.

 Are there any negative sides?

A large number of positive properties of water dispersion outweigh the defects. The negative side is the loss of quality characteristics during storage and transport at very low temperatures. The dispersion color cannot be cooled and froze. From this, it follows that painting is impossible at low temperatures.

When choosing water-dispersion formulations, pay attention to the following criteria: type of painted surface, manufacturer, brand popularity, working conditions of the finished coating (exposure to temperature, humidity, light), expiration date, and compliance with storage and transport conditions.  For more details click this link here now, and learn all you need to know on how to get the finest product and the best results.

To paint the exterior constructions it is necessary to choose the time when there will be no precipitation, the temperature will become acceptable, and the weather conditions will allow you to start working, so let the paint layer dry completely. The work surface is carefully prepared because the aqueous dispersion formulations cannot hide visible irregularities and surface irregularities.

Dispersion mixtures are selected based on the type of surface

The wood composition is suitable for painting wooden doors, windows, wall covering, facade panels. Metal paints create a protective layer on metal structures and parts. Water dispersion paints can be applied to acrylic enamel. For rooms with windows facing north, choose latex. It is also suitable for painting the walls of corridors. For bright, often visited rooms or kitchens and dining rooms, choose a color with acrylic.

Colors are also selected depending on the degree of gloss, shine or matte. The choice is made depending on the interior and the function of the room. A glossy surface requires rough finishing since all the flaws are visible on it, but the shine becomes less dirty and easier to clean. Glitter gives a special atmosphere in the room.

After isolation, heating system

The choice of heating system depends on the type of energy source used for heating. Heating costs in the coldest winter months represent up to 75% of energy costs. When choosing a boiler, it is necessary to choose one that has the highest degree of utilization. The most efficient is the condensing boiler. By installing condensing boilers, users can save 10 to 15% compared to other new boilers and up to 25% for boilers older than 30 years.

System features that increase boiler efficiency are electronic ignition that eliminates the need for flame maintenance while there is no need for greasing. The heating systems can be divided according to the energy source, the heating mode and the construction of the fireclay.

Distribution of energy sources used:

– Gas

– on heating oil

– power

– on solid fuels

– solar

– to heat from the environment

Splitting by heating mode:

– local or individual

– central

Allocation to the manufacture of firecrackers:

– direct (fireplaces, ovens, heaters, sprinklers …)

– Radiators (hot, steam, electric, etc.)

– surface (floor, wall, and ceiling)

Factors influencing the choice of heating system are weather conditions (geographic location), location and type of building, time of use of the building, availability of energy sources, investment costs, laws, regulations, norms, recommendations, impact on the oak.

Air conditioning and ventilation

Attention should be directed to air-conditioning units that are highly energy efficient, having as much coefficient of performance (COP) as possible. The COP shows how much 1kW of consumed electricity provides heat and cooling energy. It is well known that air conditioners must have a good filtering system to remove even the smallest particles, bacteria, and unpleasant odors from the air. Accelerated lifestyles, stress and noise require that the space in which you live is quiet and isolated from the noise. Just new air conditioners create a lower noise, and some models are almost silent for the human ear and produce a noise of just 20dB. Today’s climate devices apart from their basic functions should be fit for their appearance in the space they are installed. The new systems are modernly designed and, besides the classic wall units, there are also available parapet units, console, cassette units installed in buildings depending on the air conditioning system used.

Thermal insulation, the best way to improve your home

Heat losses through the floor make up 10% of the total heat losses of the home. 60% can reduce Heat-loss through the floor by placing thermal insulation. If the temperature difference between the heated and the moderately heated space is low, i.e. less than 4-5 ° C, it is almost impossible to set the thermal insulation. Only significantly cooler rooms are insulated.

Thermal insulation of the facade wall

If you want to reduce your heating costs by up to 75% of your energy costs, you need to set or increase the thickness of the thermal insulation as well as replace the windows. It is particularly true of family houses without façades and those residential buildings that are built without thermal insulation. Thermo isolation not only reduces losses during the winter period but also allows the house to fail during the flight.

When renovating a house, one must first isolate the house first. In this case, the boiler and radiators will have a lower capacity, which will reduce the initial heating investment. When adapting the façade, it is imperative to incorporate thermal insulation. Additional costs for thermal insulation represent 20-40% of the total adaptation cost of the façade. By placing the thermal insulation on the outside of the façade, the problem of steam condensation (from scratching, showering, drying of clothing) occurs due to the low wall temperature and thus the formation of the bucket. It also increases heat comfort in space due to increased wall temperature. Thermal insulation protects the building from harmful external influences and their consequences (moisture, freezing, overheating), thus extending its lifespan.

Thermal insulation of the roof

Heat losses through the roof can be up to 30%. Depending on whether the attic is used for housing or not, it is necessary to isolate the roof over a neglected attic. The roof is to be insulated with 20 cm of thermal insulation. Depending on the structure of the house, its condition, the investment returns for 3-5 years. Thermal insulation of the roof ensures pleasant microclimate conditions of the room, thus significantly reducing the consumption of energy for heating and cooling. It is placed between and below the beam.

The filling layer is very important because badly ventilated roofs can be damaged in the winter due to condensation of water vapor and freezing. It is also desirable to have an additional waterproofing, awning or a rain dam.

Isolation on the house? You can do it yourself

The wintering of your home in the winter months takes part in total energy consumption from unbelievable 50-70%. Approximately 20% of it is used to heat water in boilers and washer machines. That’s why the first and biggest measure of savings in each home is the planned use of these devices during the cold months. Most houses and apartments in our country are built with insufficient heat insulation. The biggest culprits for this are the lack of respect and control of standards in the building, as well as the obsolescence of these standards and of the thermal insulation itself (in the old construction).

It should be borne in mind that insulation materials such as glass wool, synthetic material panels, and especially natural insulating materials (such as canes) will eventually lose their isolation characteristics due to the effects of time and humidity, so that if your home ever meets the standards thermal conductivity, now certainly works “with loss”. Since even in Serbia and Montenegro is the basic physical law of energy conservation, it means that some of that energy shortage needs to be compensated, and that is what you do, from your wallet.

How to isolate your house?

In addition to the basic role of insulation materials – to prevent heat transfer to the outside environment, they also perform other, no less important functions such as noise isolation (yes, novelists, such a thing really exists!) And a physical barrier to spreading unfavorable atmospheric influences such as are moisture, glass, or heat in the hottest days. There is no room where isolation cannot be improved. Most often, you can do this job yourself (unless your home is not overstated, as in many Belgrade settlements), saving you a lot of money for other needs.

The amount of energy you will save depends on a number of factors: from the state of affection, the strength of the upcoming winter, the shape and construction of your house or building, the habits of your households, the efficiency of the heating system, etc. If you go into the project of improvement of insulation, make sure to keep your accounts for electricity from last winter and to consider how many kilowatts you save on the past.