The Murder Workers: view from the inside

The emotions of being at the side of the family of a murdered loved one will be laid bare this evening in a powerful documentary following the work of three Victim Support homicide workers.

The Channel 4 film, which will air at 9pm on Thursday 16 May, will offer a sobering view of the trauma faced by those bereaved in the wake of the death of a close relative – including children as young as five.

Specially trained workers Alli Mundy, David Osbourne and Carol Geere and the families they support are the focus of the 71-minute film, which explores the turmoil of bereavement in the most horrific of events.

Javed Khan, Chief Executive of Victim Support said: “This is one of the most compelling films I have seen. It offers real insight into the trauma suffered by young and old alike, who have become victims of one of the most horrific of crimes. The dedicated care, help and practical support the homicide team provides each family is remarkable.

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