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The Best Types Of Fences For Your Garden

A fence is a powerful addition for your garden that makes it more compact and it adds a lot of privacy to your garden. Today, you can choose many styles and materials – from metal and wooden to PVC and plastic ones. If you want to buy plastic fencing, make sure you buy from the licensed companies that are specialized in the fencing solutions as you want to buy the one that is free of toxic chemicals. As many people are not sure what type to buy, we decided to offer a little bit of help, by presenting the best types that can make your garden look more personal and private.

The garden/iron fence

This type is often seen in the backyards, as the additional way of protection. Besides it is easy to install, it is also sturdy due to the iron material, providing great protection against the unwanted guests.

Iron Garden Fence

The garden/iron fence

Although not very aesthetic, this is one of the best fences to place in your vegetable garden or even in front of your home. The price varies from the suppliers and shops but it is generally not too high considering the quality you get.

A modern type of fence

If you are a fan of contemporary style and the geometric shapes, you can create a real oasis or even futuristic park out of your garden. The biggest advantage of this garden is that they look really cool while the biggest setback is that these are usually hollow and open.

In addition, you can add the garden beds to make everything more stylish. This type is not aimed for garden protection, as the animals can easily come through and make a mess in your garden.

Tall wooden fence

The tall fence made out of wood, painted in the appropriate color, can provide the luxurious look and high level of privacy. At the same time, these are practical, easy to install and effective against all kinds of protection from unwanted pets and animals.


Tall wooden fence

They are especially cool if you add the custom-shaped panels, a bit of plants as a decoration and a few sunbeds. A lot of people tend to paint these in the black color, but you can also think of the white variation with the beige borders and edges. Still, make sure these are fitting with the color of your home.

DIY type

In case you are one of those people that likes to make his own fence, you can use various materials. For example, pallets are the fantastic choice to make a DIY fence that is effective, stylish and appealing.

Of course, you would need some skill and several tools, but it is not that hard if you know what you are doing and what you want. You can add cuts, other parts of pallets and wood to make these more sophisticated. Of course, these are not meant to be in front of your house but will fit perfectly in the backyard or veggie garden.