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Colors for water dispersion

Colors for dispersion of water for painting various surfaces are becoming more and more popular. They are used not only indoors, but also for outdoor work. Color is distinguished by its environmentally friendly composition, cost-effectiveness and high capability, which contributes to the expansion of the application area.

Water dispersion paint is a multicomponent mix for the coating of surfaces of various materials. The characteristic feature of such colors is that water serves as a dyeing agent.

Correct usage and advantages

This color is sold in the form of a paste of different consistency. To obtain a coloring agent, add clean cold water in the amount necessary for drawing on the painted surface with a roller, brush or spray gun. As it dries, the added water evaporates from the surface, which leads to the formation of a stable protective film.

Advantages include the following: no strong chemical odor, environmentally friendly composition; resistant to fire, vapor permeability of painted walls and facades, durability and abrasion resistance, the life span of the colored coating is from 5 to 15 years, and high adhesion during coloring. Colors are in an affordable price range, moisture-resistant brands provide a high-quality protective coating against water, and there is a large color range.

 Are there any negative sides?

A large number of positive properties of water dispersion outweigh the defects. The negative side is the loss of quality characteristics during storage and transport at very low temperatures. The dispersion color cannot be cooled and froze. From this, it follows that painting is impossible at low temperatures.

When choosing water-dispersion formulations, pay attention to the following criteria: type of painted surface, manufacturer, brand popularity, working conditions of the finished coating (exposure to temperature, humidity, light), expiration date, and compliance with storage and transport conditions.  For more details click this link here now, and learn all you need to know on how to get the finest product and the best results.

To paint the exterior constructions it is necessary to choose the time when there will be no precipitation, the temperature will become acceptable, and the weather conditions will allow you to start working, so let the paint layer dry completely. The work surface is carefully prepared because the aqueous dispersion formulations cannot hide visible irregularities and surface irregularities.

Dispersion mixtures are selected based on the type of surface

The wood composition is suitable for painting wooden doors, windows, wall covering, facade panels. Metal paints create a protective layer on metal structures and parts. Water dispersion paints can be applied to acrylic enamel. For rooms with windows facing north, choose latex. It is also suitable for painting the walls of corridors. For bright, often visited rooms or kitchens and dining rooms, choose a color with acrylic.

Colors are also selected depending on the degree of gloss, shine or matte. The choice is made depending on the interior and the function of the room. A glossy surface requires rough finishing since all the flaws are visible on it, but the shine becomes less dirty and easier to clean. Glitter gives a special atmosphere in the room.