Quick advice to paint the apartment by yourself

You want to turn your flat away, and you do not know what color to choose. Do you also think about fitting different colors? Are there any special rules when color matching is an issue? What’s Better – Decide for One or a Multiple Color Combination?

What do you need to know when choosing a color?

The color palette is cold and warm. Under warm, we mean yellow, orange and red and under cold blue, green and purple. Depending on the component that prevails in each of these colors, they can tilt to cooler or warmer. In addition to the basic colors, we have in white, beige, black, brown, golden, silver, side.

What should you pay attention to when choosing colors, and how are some of the colors in the interior?

The red color is best used only in traces as a detail, e.g. to break down the shades of gray or black. For the orange color, many experts say it is desirable in workrooms or children’s rooms.

If you apply color in high gloss, it will completely change the character. The same thing will happen with colors that are sparkling – totally matte. If you like the shades of metallic colors, use it solely in the form of some effects. If you like glass and modern chandeliers, you will be able to fit nicely shades and even shingles. To supplement any color combination can help you plant plants as part of an interior.

Before you start gravitating, you should remove all of the furniture from the furniture or put it in the middle of the room and cover it well (take nylon or old ladybird). The floors should also be protected. Prepare the walls completely by slamming all of them and possibly removing the spider if it has it. Hinges or covers should be removed or protected by tape.

After finishing the slicing, it takes some time for the walls and ceilings to dry well. Everything needs to be cleaned, put everything back in its place and finally enjoy the fresh and clean room.

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