After isolation, heating system

The choice of heating system depends on the type of energy source used for heating. Heating costs in the coldest winter months represent up to 75% of energy costs. When choosing a boiler, it is necessary to choose one that has the highest degree of utilization. The most efficient is the condensing boiler. By installing condensing boilers, users can save 10 to 15% compared to other new boilers and up to 25% for boilers older than 30 years.

System features that increase boiler efficiency are electronic ignition that eliminates the need for flame maintenance while there is no need for greasing. The heating systems can be divided according to the energy source, the heating mode and the construction of the fireclay.

Distribution of energy sources used:

– Gas

– on heating oil

– power

– on solid fuels

– solar

– to heat from the environment

Splitting by heating mode:

– local or individual

– central

Allocation to the manufacture of firecrackers:

– direct (fireplaces, ovens, heaters, sprinklers …)

– Radiators (hot, steam, electric, etc.)

– surface (floor, wall, and ceiling)

Factors influencing the choice of heating system are weather conditions (geographic location), location and type of building, time of use of the building, availability of energy sources, investment costs, laws, regulations, norms, recommendations, impact on the oak.

Air conditioning and ventilation

Attention should be directed to air-conditioning units that are highly energy efficient, having as much coefficient of performance (COP) as possible. The COP shows how much 1kW of consumed electricity provides heat and cooling energy. It is well known that air conditioners must have a good filtering system to remove even the smallest particles, bacteria, and unpleasant odors from the air. Accelerated lifestyles, stress and noise require that the space in which you live is quiet and isolated from the noise. Just new air conditioners create a lower noise, and some models are almost silent for the human ear and produce a noise of just 20dB. Today’s climate devices apart from their basic functions should be fit for their appearance in the space they are installed. The new systems are modernly designed and, besides the classic wall units, there are also available parapet units, console, cassette units installed in buildings depending on the air conditioning system used.

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