Hey, thanks for visiting The Police Critique, formerly known as PoliceCrimeCommissioner.co.uk Chronicles.

I’m Benjamin Warmton. I work with a team of Britons who are endlessly vigilant over the services of our security and peacekeeping forces. We’re quite vigilant about the idea that they’re not really how they seem to be, in the news and everywhere else.

It’s something we’ve been passionate about after one of our members’ brothers were arrested and battered on the spot last 2011. Since then, we’ve begun the PoliceCrimeCommissioner.co.uk Chronicles, which deals with critiquing our legal enforcers, our enforcement procedures, our daily routines and their use of law while in our streets.

It’s a very difficult time to be a civilian lacking in knowledge about our city’s legal representatives. But it wouldn’t hurt to know and raise awareness about possible abuses and misuse of law in our current midst.

This blog is dedicated to inform you, the Briton who observes the legal entities and activities in our country, to know more about how things are really going on in the eyes of the street.