5 important painting tips

A popular DIY home improvement activity is interior painting. It is affordable and it is an easy way to give your room a fresh and new look. This activity does not require a special training or a very strong muscled individual. It can be achieved if you have patience and you are ready to adhere to tips given on this website. The DIY tips can be helpful to both professionals and novice.

  • Prepare the surface

To achieve a neat painting job, you first have to start by preparing the surface you want to paint. This part of painting involves you scraping, patching, sand and fill dents, crack and any imperfection on the surface. This part of the activity is no fun but it is considered to be the most important part. The reason being, no paint even of high quality will be able to hide an uneven or cracked surface.

  • Apply Primer

Primers help block stains, act as a one coat coverage and improve paint adhesion. Applying primer to our walls and ceilings is important. They are really important especially when you want to paint the wall with a darker color. Whenever you want to apply a new paint over a surface, ensure you prime the walls. Priming the wall reduces peeling and blisters. A trick which most professionals use is to use a small amount of the topcoat paint and mix it with the primer. The topcoat hides the primed surface, this is the reason why it is a most valuable trick used by professionals.

  • Use canvas drop cloths instead of plastic

Plastic coverings for floors to protect against paint spatters are more affordable than canvas covers. Canvas coverings are mostly recommended because the material is durable and rip resistant. It protects one from tripping and lays flat. Plastic covers which are slippery when paint spatters on them, do not absorb paint drips but canvas covers do absorb paint drips. Canvas drop cloths are easily flooded and are washed and used when needed. Plastic covers, on the other hand, are disposed of after first use.

  • Get an Extension Pole

An extension pole is needed for your paint roller. These poles come in a different dimension. Get an 18 to 36-inch pole, this type of extension pole can be used to paint rooms with tall ceilings. Do not get plastic poles as they are flexible and hard to control.

  • Use a Paint Grid

Instead of using a tray, use a paint grid as this method is neater, better and faster. When painting rolls the paint from the paint bucket using the paint grid. A paint grid is rectangular in shape and is usually hooked to the rim of the paint bucket.

  • Storing the paint equipment overnight

If you are not done with the painting job, there is simply approach to storing your tools so that they do not dry overnight. Instead of thoroughly washing your paint brushes and paint roller, simply wrap them in a plastic wrap. Seal out any air and double wrap them if necessary and store in the refrigerator. This sounds awkward but it keeps them fresh.